Contract development of ELISA kits
  • The Company has been undertaking contract development of ELISA kits for European and American companies.
  • The company has developed more than 25 ELISA kits in the past 8 years. 
  • Specifically, two kits developed by the company have been approved by a large American Multinational Corporation for commercial use worldwide. The company has been following American FDA guidelines and provides following data for the kit.
  • Sensitivity and Specificity, Limit of Detection ( LOD), Limit of Quantification ( LOQ), Linearity, Hook Effect, Intra Assay and Inter Assay Variability, Cross Reactivity, Matrix Effect, Uniformity of Results over entire plate, Spike Recovery, CV, Long Term Stability, Multi Plate, Multi Analyst, Multi Day Testing and additional data as per clients specifications.
Monoclonal antibody development work
  • The company has set up a modern tissue culture lab strictly for development of mouse monoclonal antibodies. 
  • The dedicated tissue culture room contains CE approved biological hood, Olympus Inverted microscope, regular compound microscope, pH meter, centrifuge, Co2 incubator, refrigerator and water bath.
  • The facility also includes MilliQ water purification system, minus 80 o C freezer,
  • Liquid N2 tank to store Hybridoma cells and Refrigerated Centrifuge.
  • Hybridoma cells are normally re cloned twice and tested for isotype specific heavy and light chain.
Antibody purification
  • The company uses salt precipitation, ion exchange, gel filtration and Protein G or Protein A affinity purification protocols to purify the antibody. 
  • The purity of the resultant antibody is also checked by SDS PAGE electrophoresis and/or western blot procedures.
GMO Testing Services
The company provides GMO testing service for several seed companies. The company works with most of the Indian and multinational companies in India providing these services in a timely manner. Amar Immunodiagnostics reports are considered Gold standard by most of the stakeholders. The company provides following services to seed companies and exporters.

  • Seed lot purity for GMO trait
  • Individual leaf testing
  • Event selection
  • Adventitious presence (Bulk grain testing)
  • Quantitative testing for trait specific protein
Antibody conjugation with Enzymes
Antibody conjugation with Enzymes ( HRPO or Alkaline phosphatase), Biotin or FITC
The Company has perfected a unique conjugation protocol to ensure reproducibility and long term stability. It also avoids antibody aggregates. The conjugates are stabilized and provided in a ready to use diluted form.