Meat Identification Kits
Meat identification is a serious issue in several countries around the world.

In most industrialized countries, meat is primarily sold as frozen and hygienically packed. In order to address the sensitivities of different cultures, religious groups and regulatory agencies in each country, meat is also classified as Halal or Kosher. In addition to the cultural issues, there are also issues related to mislabeling of meat for economic benefits such as mixing of cheap meat with an expensive meat for financial gains. In recent years, many super market chains in Europe had to withdraw beef burger from grocery store due to detection of horse meat in beef burger, a case of mixing of cheap meat for economic reasons.

The situation is quite different when it comes to detecting beef. Meat from both cow and buffalo is considered as beef and it has been difficult for most diagnostic companies to develop a simple immunoassay test kit to differentiate cow meat from buffalo meat. Amar Immunodiagnostics is the first company to develop kit to differentiate cow meat from buffalo meat based on simple ELISA based immunoassay technology. The test takes less than an hour to do and uses fresh or frozen meat as sample.

This test kit will help meat processing industry, meat retailers, super market chains, exporters, government regulators, consumers as well as reputed hotel chain to ensure the authenticity of beef being supplied is never in doubt.

AID 051 Meat Identification Kits Cow Meat ID ELISA kit - 96 tests AID 051 pdf  
AID 052 Meat Identification Kits Buffalo Meat ID ELISA kit - 96 tests AID 052 pdf