ELISA kit manufacturing facility
  • The Company is a leading manufacturer of ELISA kits in India and has its manufacturing facility in Hyderabad, India. The facility has a capacity to manufacture 200,000 plates in a year. 
  • The company conducts stability tests to guarantee a minimum shelf life of two years for all its plates. The Coefficient of Variation between wells manufactured by this facility is usually less than 3%. The Company has perfected a unique process to manufacture plates without any “edge effects”.
  • The company has necessary cold chain infrastructure, with cold rooms to stock finished kits and components, separately.
  • The company uses Anti human IgM (heavy chain specific) and Streptavidin coated plates in Capture Assay format, on specific request from Clients seeking contract manufacturing.
  • The company uses MilliQ grade Endotoxin free water for all reagents preparation.
  • All reagents used in the facility for manufacturing are sterile filtered and dispensed under sterile conditions.